Official LFC/LFG Thread

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Official LFC/LFG Thread

Post by Akroma_86 » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:18 pm

Wasn't sure if this was a past existing thread in the old forums or not but didn't see a dedicated place where members could reach out and recruit or resource to find a group to game with.
Personally my old clan from BF3-4-Hardline died with the fall of Hardline. We all just fell off and out. I still chat from time to time with them. Recently rekindled the desire to join up with some gaming peeps.
I have only been PC gaming since 2012. I console gamed for years before online console was a thing. I jumped into ODIN Brigade with my old friends once i finished college and my first PC. I then played Battlefield almost exclusively for years to follow. I have been hard grinding Tom Clancy's The Division. I am looking forward to Division 2, I am on BF5 now, and I enjoy rocket league with my kids. I have three boys and one girl ages 8-17. I'm slowly building their PC's when i
can save up enough.

So in conclusion if you are looking for a funny local ( to "VanLan"), smart, loves some competition, and loves to help others feel free to hit me up with questions, your groups drive and goals and such and maybe Ill fit right in.

Plus my wife makes really good food for hangouts ;-)

Hope this thread is ok and gets some use from others looking to clan up.

Mad props to 5SG for showing up in force and looking totally legit in those hoodies. That's the way i like to roll.

Ok im done Frag -On!
Looking to join a PDXLAN group
Free-Agent for Division 2 clan

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