[meta] Open all unread threads at once

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[meta] Open all unread threads at once

Post by Pietzaahh » Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:29 am

For the power forum user, this bookmarklet should be used on the "Unread posts" page. It will open every unread post in a new tab for reading. Tested only in Chromium. Should work in Chrome, Firefox, & Edge.

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javascript:document.querySelectorAll("dd.lastpost a[title='Go to last post']").forEach((el, i) => setTimeout(() => { el.setAttribute("target", "unread-"+i); el.click() }, 200 * i))
How do I use this bookmarklet?
  1. If you're asking this then you're probably not a power user ;)
  2. Create a bookmark and paste the code above as the URL.
  3. Save it to your bookmarks bar for easy access.
  4. Navigate to Unread posts.
  5. Click on the bookmarklet.
  6. A new tab will be opened for each unread post.
Depending on how many unread posts there are, it will take a second or two to open them. It will only open the first page of unreads. Do not run it again until you have closed all the tabs of the previous run, otherwise it will overwrite the tabs that were left open.
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Re: [meta] Open all unread threads at once

Post by thetruejaster » Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:15 am

PRETTY NEAT! I like this a lot. Thanks Pietz! :like:
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